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A few years back, a machinist on a BMW forum made several sets of 75mm wheel studs & appropriate nuts (17mm tool) for 5 series BMWs - which conveniently fit the Elise/Exige.

They're 75mm long, M12x1.5, screw into existing threaded holes - I used red Loctite, I never had any loosen - and they have 4mm Allen cap sockets to facilitate removal.

Some of the nuts have scuffs/marks on them from sockets, but they all work perfectly.

They are approximately 1/4 pound lighter per wheel than either stock bolts or 75mm steel studs and nuts.

$300 shipped in the lower 48.

The only reason I'm selling them is because my current wheel/spacer combination requires a longer stud. I'm bummed, these things are awesome.

Questions I anticipate:

Galling? - no, none, nut to wheel or nut to stud. I kept them clean, but nothing special, no "ti prep" antisieze or anything.

Are they strong? - sure! I know of a few sets of these out there, I've never heard of one breaking, either on an Elise or porky e39.

Where's the fourth spare? - not included! These were made for 5lug cars, so by default, I wound up with a full wheel's worth of spare studs and nuts. I have no idea what I did with the 20th stud. When I find it - it is here somewhere - I'll send it.

Torque? - same as stock. The wheels stayed on most of the time and everything.

Alloy? - I forget. I want to say 6a4v, but I don't think that's right.

Source? - no idea. I think the guy who made them had a domestic source, eh dunno. I have no idea. I can't find the original thread right now, it was there the last time I looked, but it is eluding me today.

How much spacer?- 10mm with stock wheels? I'm not sure. They're 75mm, they'll allow a fair bit - I'm using an unusual combination.

Naturally, no warranty, expressed or implied; they're custom made bolts that I'm not the least bit afraid of.... but they're custom made bolts.


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