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I am deployed and did not get to finish some projects that I had going on before I left, so the car definately was not at its full handling potential.

My girlfriend has been driving it and I was concerned that knowing it's alignment and ride height were completely out of whack and her learning a Lotus, it was not a good combo/situation

So I got a hold of TJ Warzak at Team Stradale and told him my situation and concerns and we setup a appointment to get it corner balanced, ride height adjusted and full alignment. They really went out of their way to help my girlfriend get the car there.

I told TJ that I had someone work on it a few years that was questionable at best and asked him to look over the whole car. Sure enough he found some problems of things done wrong and also that my bushingswere shot.

I had planned on doing some work on the car when I got home, but since TJ had to remove the suspention to install the new Mono Balls I had the girlfriend drop off my parts and just leave it to a pro.

TJ sent me pictures everytime he worked on it and gave me a heads up if he wasnt getting to in for a few days. When all said and done, the owner took it out on the track, and with my permission, put it through its paces.:D

They also sent me 2 video's and pics of it on the track

Then they really went out of their way to help my girlfriend get the car back.

I really cannot say enough what a incredible experiance it has been to work with pro's.

Girlfriend can not believe how well the car drives and how smooth it is now after all the work.

Great guys to work with and money well spent


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