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Took my car into LPL last night. (Lotus Propulsion Laboratory)

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Man, when Clarkson titled his book, "I know you got Soul," he was dead on. I discovered this yesterday when I took my car into see Allen Strommer and Aidan over at the newly formed JPL (Lotus Propulsion Laboratory.)

Previously, the car had been seen by Allen when he was over at Lotus of Beverly Hills, and he did such a stellar job, I pretty much refused to take it anywhere else until he was set up. Well, it was worth the wait.

I had my thermostat fail - not too big of a deal, (you'd think) after all it's a $30 dollar part. Well, what a PITA. Allen and Aidan did a great job, and of course, being Allen, he then set re-engineering the mounting of my front splitter, eliminating rattles. He replaced a previous helacoil (sp?) install with an extremely cool compression fitting, and most importantly checked my toe links and discovered on fairly under-torqued.

We did an oil change and the car is now driving like new again. Like it had actually missed Allen, and was just not going to perform until I brought her back in. Like maybe it has soul, and until the LPL finally opened their doors, that soul was being neglected.

But it's more than that - Allen involves and educates every one of his customers in the process. He doesn't have to do it, it's just that he's one of the few out there that really gets our passion and shares it. That part of the job for him, I imagine... isn't. He's just a car guy that understands other car people.

Man I'm glad Allen and Co. are back. Los Angeles area Lotus owners, FTW.