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I have a few battle scars on the front of my car. Albino acne.
I was wondering if anyone used any readily touchup paint from retail stores that is close to Calypso Red?
What color from any manufacturer would be close to this color?

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You have some time to order, right?

First, note the paint code. (on the data plate, RH wheel arch in the front trunk, look at the second Link below). If you have gray sills, body color is the first code. (Verify by the paint listing in the Body section of the service or parts manual)

I got EXCELLENT matching touch-up paint at Automotive Touch Up Paint from PaintScratch - Order Pro Grade Paint. You can buy aerosol or brush-in-cap.

Another source I see recently is Lotus Touch Up Paint | AutomotiveTouchup . I haven't used them, perhaps someone else can comment.


Sometimes obtaining a good match can be difficult, as environmental regulations have changed the available composition of the material since the cars were produced. Also, your cars paint may have faded a bit (common on reds).

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Calypso Red

Hi I have an Esprit 1987 Calypso Red and the problem you will have is faded paint. I lift up the hood on my car and the red inside is very different to the one outside. I have a small jar with paint in it that came with the car. It matches fairly well, when I have to do the same thing that you are having to do
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