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When I did Tonys heater core bypass, we noticed that we forgot to re-install a piece of 5"x5" foam that comes with the touring pack. The piece is supposed to go somewhere in the steering column surround. Does anyone know if it goes in the back against the metal beam, or does it lay on the bottom of the plastic piece that has the trip reset button button?
See the picture below.

I didnt notice any addition rattles without it, but since one of the screws in the surround came loose, I figured I would take the column apart and reinstall the foam where it belongs.

On a side note, I found an extra bolt for the passenger seat underneath the seat. I guess this may have been what was causing a rattle I had, but I checked about a month ago and didnt see it. It must have been behind the seat and made it's way forward. It didnt have a green mark on it, so I guess it was dropped when the car was assembled.


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