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Tow hook not straight?

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I searched the forum but couldn't find anything related.

When I screw in my OEM tow hook, it tightens up and stops at about a 45-deg angle, not straight across and pretty like every other one I've seen. This is hardly a critical problem, but it's bugging me. It looks a bit unfinished.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a way to rotate the receiver in the front of the car a bit to "align" the tow hook?
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Do you have a stop nut on the thread, or is it stopping when it bottoms in the hole? If it's the latter, add a thin nut that will stop it going in quite so far. Adjusting the nut will also control the angle it stops at, and tightening the nut when it's in will lock it place so it doesn't vibrate out.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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