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So once again I ended up towing a Stevens Esprit rolling chassis parts car from California this past weekend. I did this same tow of a rolling chassis last summer from California to Ohio. Last year I initially tried putting the rear wheels on the ground with the front wheels up on the tow dolly. Less than five miles down the road the rear wheel on the passenger's side came loose from the car. It seems that without the rear axles in place there is nothing to support the inner parts of the bearings and the bearing will come apart and allow the wheel with the hub and inner bearing race to walk out of the remaining part of the bearing. So when this happened last summer I swapped the ends of the car around on the tow dolly and put the front wheels on the ground with the rear wheels up on the tow dolly. I also bought two long thick (diameter thick) bolts to stick through the hub on each side as a means of taking the place of the missing axle.

This weekend I had to again tow a rolling chassis Esprit parts car with no transmission, engine, or axles from Orange county to the Phoenix area. I knew better than to try towing it with the rear wheels down so I put them up on the tow dolly. I tried to explain to the seller what had happened to me last year with the rear wheel bearing coming apart but he assured me it must have been a one time thing with a bad bearing and there was NO WAY it would happen like that. He sounded pretty positive and like an idiot I listened to him and did not go to the trouble of doing the big bolt and nut thing through the hub to replace the missing axle.

The car towed just fine from Orange county to the Phoenix AZ area but as soon as I pulled the car off the tow dolly the rear passenger's side wheel, hub and the inner bearing race fell away from the rear lower control arm. I then had to move the car into the storage unit using a floor jack under the back of the car to make up for the missing wheel assembly.

I am attaching a couple of photos of me smiling beside the car before I unloaded it from the tow dolly and discovered this issue.

I just thought I would share this story here in case anyone else has to move a car around that has no axles inserted through the rear wheel bearings. If you have to do this ALWAYS take the time to put a big bolt through the rear wheel bearings and torque it down tight to take the place of the missing axles.

BTW, when the real axles get inserted through the rear wheel bearing assembly, what is the torque spec for the outter nut on the axle?
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