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Toyo T1R question?

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I just got a pair of toyo T1R tires and I searched and found many suggestions for tire pressure on them. I just want some last minute advice from you guys. I do only street driving but like to go fast. Im thinking about 26 front and 28 rear any advice?
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I have them higher then the Yoko psi. I forget what I have them off hand but I will check tomorrow. What sizes did you get and what wheels do you have?

The Toyo is a bit softer in the sidewall as compared to the Yoko so it will need a few more psi.
Thanks, my front is 195-50-16 and my rear is 225-45-17 and my wheels are TR Motorsports F1
For the street. My cars a DD.

In the back I run 28-29

In the front 29-30.

Last set of fronts I had (195-50) at 27ish and when pushing hard the sidewall would flex a bit. When it was time for new, the center of the tire tread had a lot left, the sides were worn-out, I figure looking back I needed a pound or two more and performance would have been spot on. I figure if I had around 29 psi up front the tires may of lasted 2 to 3 thousand more miles, or at least wore a bit more even.

My wheels are the Track/Sport Pack wheels and I have the shims removed.

The rear tires wear even across the tire with 28-29psi.

I have had a few sets on my car now (I have 85,000 miles on it) and have played with the tires a little bit. Just got new fronts 2000 miles ago, (3weeks ago) and went with 205-50 up front this time. So far I’m using 30-31 psi up front and this seems to be good.
In the back I have 235-45 and run the same psi as I did with the 225 and wear seems the same. I’m on my second set of 235s in the back now and I think I’m sticking with this size. And I also removed two shims (each side) from the back and the tire wears even.

Well that’s what I’ve done at least :mw:

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I find the car to be less "darty" on the T1R using lower pressures, 25 front/27 rear, (on the stock rim sizes at least.)

Plus, it is now immune to hydroplaning! So much for tires designed specifically for a car. (advan neova...which I think is latin for "not for use in the rain")
Notorious, just being curious, do you still have your shims in, and how is your tire wear?

I found that front alignment has a lot to do with the dartyness. A slight toe in and the car is a bit darty. Plus the obvious tire presser affect on the front end.
Yes, still have shims. Tire wear is very even. My rears wore out in the center first, indicating that I should go with lower tire pressure, as I am now doing. T1R's are too new to tell, couple thousand miles and no noticeable wear.
Two ways to test out if you have the proper tire pressure....
- zoom around and do some corners to warm up the tires. Now take chalk and draw lines across each tire. Zoom around again and then take a look at the tires to see what happened to the chalk. Properly inflated tires will have the chalk evenly worn across the whole tire.

- Get a tire pyrometer. It measures heat in the rubber on a tire. Zoom around and then shoot the edges and middle of a tire to see the temps. You need to do this fast. All three temps should be about the same.

Now I am curious about my tires!
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