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*Applies to Elise and Exige:
Has anyone used this app for iPhone 6 or any iPhone/android device at the track?
A few guys at my last track event were using this app and it looked intriguing. The
app uses GPS, but an OBD2 plug is still needed for it to work to my knowledge. Is the
OBD2 plug required for the app to track lap times, mph through sectors, etc?

I was curious which OBD2 plug will work with our cars also. The prices range from
dirt cheap ($3.00) to quite expensive ($100) considering the range of prices. Does
anyone have experience using OBD2 plugs for this purpose?

Also, some OBD2 devices claim to show live data such as fuel injection status, ,mass airflow
rate, engine load, fuel pressure, intake air temp., ethanol fuel percentage, and many other
uncommon metrics. (e.g. Products | GoPoint Technology)
All show live data like coolant temp, and rpms of course...the more
common metrics. So, I was also curious about which data the ECU tracks? I believe it is
very limited.

Obviously the appeal of this app is the system does not require hard wiring.


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I use Harry's app with a cheap Bluetooth OBD2 from Amazon. You can get just lap times without the OBD2 if that is all you want, it will also provide MPH based on GPS but that is not as good as the wheel speed sensor from the OBD2. The items on the data dumps that look to be from the OBD2 are: RPM, Wheel Speed, Throttle, Fuel, Coolant, & IAT. I'm not sure how good the throttle and IAT are though.
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