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Greetings! I am looking for some guidance and suggestions..... I currently run a Alfa Romeo 4C on track (no racing), but would like to take the next step and get a dedicated track car. I'm just starting on this path, so I have time... My goal is primary safety (Roll cage, fire suppression, etc), track designed components, and repair-ability when something invariably happens. The 4C has been fantastic on track and enjoy every minute with the car on track (chassis stiffness, power/weight, balance, etc). It has proven to have excellent reliability (contrary to popular belief), and low operating costs. However, it requires too much modification to take that next step in safety and race components, and repair/replacement of the body panels is terribly expensive ($6k/panel).

Here is a list of some of the items I think I want...
1) Factory build/designed roll cage - I haven't been too impressed most other cages.
2) Sequential preferably with paddle shift.
3) Race orientated brakes & adjustable brake bias
4) Track orientated ABS/Traction control system

Something like the Exige CupR, Miata Cup, Porsche Clubsport are on the list. Budget is sub $100k. A used Exige CupR would work quite nicely, however, there are very few in the US. How are the R's on track, reliability, recommended modifications, operating costs?? I looked at a Radical RXC, but used prices + tire costs for my use become a tad too expensive for my tastes.

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