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The following is posted on behalf of Kevin Enderby.

This event is a perfect lead-in to the GGLC/HOD Track Day Newbie/Novice Day on April 17th (see related thread).



Hello fellow GGLC members,

I'm setting up an event with Hooked on Driving at Club Auto Sport in San Jose
next month. If you have never driven on a track and are interested finding out what it is like but are not quite ready to sign up for your first track day this presentation will be a great way for you to find out what it is all about.

April 6th - 6pm to 8/9pm
Cost: FREE!

Hooked on Driving is a group that teaches high performance driving. They are
very good and they have taken over the Thunderhill driving school. They also run events at other tracks but are primarily at Thunderhill.

This is a free event and open to all folks interested in finding out about driving on track. This is also at a very cool place and the folks at Club Auto Sport will be hosting a wine tasting and giving tours before thepresentation. If your interested please go to the URL below for all the details and to RSVP:

Open Track "Driving Experience" Presentation - Eventbrite

Kevin Enderby
GGLC club member and Track Director for an Italian car club
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