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Just wanted to let everybody know that BeaveRun racetrack offers a fantastic deal for track time/ drivers instruction. I think this years price is $180. You get classroom instruction and instructors in your car for all the sessions (until you get signed off).

The days are called Flat Out Days and you can find info at BeaveRun Motorsports Complex. There are lots of days left this summer but they fill up fast so dont dilly-dally.

I am an instructor there so give me a shout if you want some Elise specific instruction. If you ask nicely, you might even be able to shack up at my house if you are traveling from afar.

It is a fantastic low-key affair. The student run in the morning and non-students and instructors run in the late afternoon. That way you can leave early if you wish or stick around and get rides in other cars.

BR is just across the border in PA.

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