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There is likely to be some conflicting information on this topic since Track Pack means different things from the 06/07 setup to the 08+; also the ride heights vary from car to car - even though they are supposed to be set up the same from the factory. The height/stance also seems to be different on cars equipped with LSD.

Since you have an 07 Exige S - I will stick to that and not get into some of the 08+ issues (they seem to have some adjustability limitations).

The Track Pack should be delivered at 130mm measured from the ground to the lowest jacking point with a half tank fuel and 75kg or 165lbs in both seats. There are many reports this isn't how they are all delivered. Many notice that the Exige seems to look like it is sitting higher in the front than the rear - almost as if the nose points up slightly. Now this does seem to be true for the majority of 06/07 Track packs but it can be adjusted out to look more "acceptable" - either more level or with the nose slightly lower.

Comparatively, the LSS sits more level. They too are supposed to be delivered at 130mm like the default track pack - but perhaps due to spring rate differences - the wheel well gap looks tighter on the LSS than Track Pack and has been measured to be actaully more like 127mm.

But don't take my word for it, just look at a non-adjusted track pack car next to a LSS for a completely non-scientific comparison. For instance. Look at the level and the gap in the wheel wells (particularly the rear) in these pictures.


Track Pack

BTW - the last Exige in each category (Storm Titanium) are my former cars and I know just from having each how different the height is on Track Pack and LSS seem to be stock when new/delivered. IMO LSS is lower and more even in stock, non adjusted form. The Track Pack seems to sit higher and the nose seems to point up.
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