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I just sold my Cayman R for a Lotus 211.

Pathetic Cayman R was a street legal car, though it was mostly track driven. That said, it was very capable of doing both. In fact, I think some of the changes made it even more exciting as a road car.

I put in carbon fibre GT2 seats, 6 point harness, fire extinguisher, rear half cage. I also put GT3 lower control arms and toe links along with monoball bushings and a big brake kit.

These changes transformed the car at the track and made the car a safer more predictable place to be. But none of it made the car a worse road car. The cayman R is a compromised GT in stock trim. Not really most peoples idea of a daily driver. But if you are in a Lotus, you have already crossed that bridge.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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