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I think this is still a relevant thread that applies to many of us.

Re: toe links, everyone says to upgrade them. My car has had a lotus toe link brace fitted from day 1. Does this fix the issue completely or should I ditch it all and put an SSC toe link kit on it? Car has 8K miles and has as quite a bit of track time.

Is there anything else other than the toe links that prone to failure in the suspension?

Re: cage and lack of side intrusion, my car is a cup 240 as has the full
Lotus sport cage fitted. This cage does not have an intrusion bar for the sides. However, you sit so low in the tub that I'm not sure it's necessary as the sills of the tub act as the side protection.

Re: HANS device, are they able to be used with the probax seats? I would assume so.
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