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Track tires

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Hey all. So what's the difference between the LSS equipped cars and the non-LSS cars other than wheels/tires and different dampers? The non-LSS cars are height adjustable with spacers, no? In terms of suspension arms and stuff, the two are the same, correct?

There shouldn't be any issues buying the SSR Competitions and slapping the Yokomama Advan048s on there, right? What about a different Michelin Pilot Sport Cups? I know they come in 225/45R17s, but the for the fronts, I was wondering if I could get away with 205/55R16s... Michelin's site says they can fit 5.5 - 7.5 wheels. maybe even get away with just mounting those bad boys onto the stock wheels....

Any thoughts/ideas on track tires? =)

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Talk to Shinoo...

In addition to the parts you mentioned, the Sport Pack apparently includes a different steering rack mounting plate to avoid bump steer that would otherwise be introduced by the lower ride height. The springs are also stiffer.
Regarding tires - when switching tires you will learn that the Elise cannot heat up most tires. The OEM tires are specific compounds for the Elise to take this into account.
The 205 Hoosiers supposedly will fit the sport pack car with the SSRs (offset has been adjusted to accomodate the wider tire).

Lotus does not recommend putting wider rims/tires on the regular suspension. People have done it but it is not recommended - especially if you intend to do some track work.

Over the course of the next couple of months several knowledgeable folks will have experimented with various wheel/tire options. Stay tuned for some interesting posts.
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