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Traction Control Light on - P0571 P0806 P0808 P2104 P2119

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Good day all,

I'm having some problems with my Evora which I'm hoping will be a simple fix. Here are the codes I currently have;

P0571 - Brake switch A circuit
P0806 - Clutch Posn sensor circuit perf
P0808 - Clutch posn sensor circuit high
P2104 - Forced limp home position
P2119 - Throttle autozero control error

The Evora drives and performs as it should with no problems. Other than the traction control light coming on after around 30 seconds of driving and the sport button being disabled. Perhaps a few of the codes are directly linked to one and other?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. I've already tried re-plugging in the TB sensor plug a few times. Hopefully this thread will help others out too as I've included the codes in the title.

Thanks in advance!
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Any pointers? I want to try and resolve the issue ASAP.
I had a similar TC light and inability to turn on sport mode issue last summer (sometimes it was the wrench light), and the dealer said it was a bad clutch sensor (which from your codes seems to be your issue). Replaced under warranty, been fine ever since.
Thanks Tex. I'll have a look into this. Any more pointers from anyone else will be much appreciated too! Once fixed I'll post what the problem was.
Looking at the workshop manual doesn't give much help either. The steering position sensor also came up too - I've heard people have these problems with the TB light also?
are you not near a dealer? They can take care of this issue pretty easily rather than you having to reinvent the wheel.
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