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Trailer for Elise

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From what I gathered on SELOC and this forum, it looks like we're probably going to be out of luck putting a hitch on the Elise to tow tires. (Randy, I know you're determined to figure out a solution, godspeed!).

Anyway, I'll probably just end up getting a car trailer to put the Elise on. I currently have a HUGE car transporter (made by Cox), and my poor 6-cylinder Ladcruiser can barely pull it when its hauling tree debris to the dump! It's also really ugly, completely rusty and the paint is almost nonexistant.

I'm just trying to budget for a new trailer, and think that we may be able to get away with something less than a U-Haul sized car carrier since the Elise is so small and light. (Maybe cheaper, too!) I prefer an open trailer (so I can still do house chores with it), and aluminum is a plus. I saw a very low-profile aluminum racecar trailer with small but beefy tires at an autocross recently; it was only about 8 inches of the ground. Does anybody have any recommendations or websites for a good Elise carrier? Thanks, max.
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I have a Wells Cargo Autowagon. It's not what you are looking for though.

meat said:
I have a Wells Cargo Autowagon. It's not what you are looking for though.
You can go about your business.
There are any number of good open aluminum trailers on the market. Here's a link to one sight:

They are about 1000# empty, so you should be able to tow with your land cruiser no problem. I towed my miata with my 4cyl Toy PU, which is rated at 3500#, and had no problems (but had to take it easy in places).

'94 Miata
'05 Elise LSS/Touring (hopefully soon).
A decent cheap aluminum trailer can be found here.

Aluminum Trailer

Also, please be careful what you tow with your vehicle. Just because a vehicle is "rated" to tow a certain amount doesn't mean that it really can do the job safely. There are all sorts of issues to worry about - tongue weight, brakes, cooling, etc, etc.

You don't want to be the person the loses control of their truck/trailer and creating an accident.
Try Tractor Supply.......they're not MADE for cars, but they're not that expensive.............
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