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I was on a mission to silence the rattles and creaks in the Lotus that I knew I can handle. Last year I had an Exedy ST1 clutch installed because my throw out bearing was creaking when pressing the clutch - mechanic said it was the throw out bearing...

Once I picked up the car, I noticed a DRAMATIC difference in the clutch! It's so SENSITIVE! There's like 1/2" of play until the clutch is fully off the flywheel... I thought this was the result of getting a "race" clutch. Thought it was cool. Got used to it… I don't think he resurfaced the flywheel too.

A few months after getting the upgrade, this weird scraping noise kept occurring over time and just got louder and louder over time... It's not a regular noise and it sounded muffled, so it was nothing around the exhaust or around the engine bay. I figured it was the clutch itself, cause it only happens when the clutch is engaged and the car is decelerating. I make the mechanic aware of this and he said it's probably the throw out bearing, he'll lubricate the clutch fork and we'll see what happens... I didn't think that'd do anything to fix it, but I'm not mechanic…

I picked up the car after all the cosmetic repairs and the noise wasn't noticeable until a few hours after driving it… so this didn't fix it. So I decided to drop the car off one day so the mechanic can drive it around and see what I'm talking about… cause I figured he never did that in the first place which was disappointing.

So when I came to pick it up he said it's the clutch, it's gone bad… there's not enough play in the clutch and it shouldn't be this 1/2" push and it's disengaged… The noise is probably the result of the bad clutch. He recommended I get the warranty on it and get it replaced… I told him that the 1/2" engagement was always like that… it never grew to be that way so I don't think it's the clutch… it doesn't slip or hasn't given me any performance problems, just an odd scraping noise is occurring...

I called Exedy and lucky me, it's not under warranty anymore so I have to buy a new one. I'm going to buy an Exedy OEM with a MWR Flywheel… everything is going to be installed in about 2-3 weeks from now and I hope this will put away the whole issue with that obsessive scraping noise!

I'd like to know from some clutch gurus on what to expect from a Stage 1 clutch… is it supposed to have more "play" in the pressing and depressing? Does the clutch wear out in a year? I don't track my car and I don't drive like a maniac, just some times :D - any input on this situation would be appreciated.
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