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Transmission Identification

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Hello guys,

I just picked up the last of the parts for my Lotus I bought two years ago, and the guy gave me the transmission and seats. Funny thing though, this transmission doesn't look like my 5 speed, or any of the pictures of 4 speeds. It says type 358 on it. Can someone tell me anything about these transmissions? What they were used in or what they came out of? Are they any good? It has an Europa bell housing and rear mount, so it definitely came out of an Europa at some point.

Sorry for the poor picture, I can get a better one if it helps.

Thanks in advance!
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It has been a long time since I worked on Europa transmissions. There are several 3XX series transmissions that use the same main case. Some were 4 speeds and some 5 speeds. The rear covers were different to accommodate the fifth gear. The 365 (5 speed)box was from a car which was not imported into the USA. The ratios including the R&P were different in the different boxes. Some of the parts are interchangeable but one has to be careful, even checking gear pitch. The 358 box came from a Renault that was imported into the USA. I remember scavenging parts from a 358 to repair a 365.
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