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This seems like a interesting idea...


Trapster® - Speed Trap Sharing System

Your mobile phone alerts you as you approach police speed traps.
Find Speed Traps In Your Area
ps based on how many users agree. It also learns the credibility of each user, over time.


"Modern equivalent of flashing your headlights to warn other motorists of police speed traps."
Anick Jesdanun - Associated Press (AP)

"Not only is trapster free to use, it saves you money by avoiding hefty speeding charges and increased insurance premiums... you dont need a critical mass to benefit from the service. Only a few active users in your area reporting live speed traps will suffice"

“If someone slows down because of it, it's accomplishing the same goal of trying to get people to obey the speed limit"
Bill Johnson - Executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations

"A weapon in your ticket-free driving arsenal"
Paul Herrmann - Wall Street Journal Radio

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this is interesting. though i haven't really seen a speed trap in a real long time.
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