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Trimming Star Shield Damage

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My Star Shield is peeling in a few places along the edges. I've seen mention in this forum about trimming out the offensive areas. And it seems like cutting out the loose areas would reduce the propogation of the peel.

I would appreciate suggestions for how best to trim it. What sort of tool should I use? Can I get a plastic blade that is less likely to cut through the paint? What about a copper blade? Any special technique?
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The star shield installer I watched used a razor blade and only cut through about 1/2 of the film. Really he just scored the SS and then peeled it off. He scored it about 1 cm into SS that was good, not right at the peeling section.
thats what i did, just make sure you are comfortable doing it
X-acto knife.
I've used a disposable surgical blade with great success (On my Honda's clear-bra).
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