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I've heard from more than a few 2006+ DBW owners that they're after big power and are having a lot of trouble with the engine management side of things. Piggybacks just don't cut it especially at higher power levels with a built engine. Generally these setups need to be tuned in on a dyno so reflashes are out of the question. Hydra doesn't have a unit for the DBW cars.

We've been using the AEM EMS for years on 2ZZ engines and have more recently run it on some non-2ZZ DBW cars. It seems like a natural choice. We run this system on our Celica drag/LSR car and have seen 750hp at the crankshaft and over 200mph in the standing mile on E85 fuel. Best of all it's extremely reliable. It's a full standalone ECU that is (with MWR's help) fully compatible with the VVT and VVL systems and also offers high end features like WOT closed loop operation, traction control, etc. You also get a fully functional dash.

Derek Burt came to us looking for a solution. I'll do a write-up of the car's complete setup and final results in the Forced induction area after the car is done. For now we've just done a quick tune at medium boost levels:

I'm really happy with how it's running. For a relatively simple turbo system and small-medium turbo it's making great power. With a good turbo system we're able to switch to the big cam before 4000rpm though I've found on the street it's usually smoother at close to 5000rpm. We do these systems on a custom basis with in-house installs on a variety of 2ZZ-powered cars and are considering puting together a user-installable kit for those who can't get their car here for the install and tune.

(standard disclaimers: dynapack dynos read about the same as a dynojet. The power and torque do not cross at 5250 because they are on different scales)
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