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While out enjoying the boost-ability of my 91' Lotus Esprit SE yesterday, things went amiss. After downshifting to pass a car, my boost built up to a full gauge, and though I felt the effects of a normal boost cycle, the gauge held at about 3/4 boost for an additional 4-7 seconds. I enjoyed it while it happened, but then I knew something was wrong. My turbo was making a whistling sound, so I pulled over. In complete shock, I stepped out of my car to find that my radiator had blown a seal, and was discharging its contents.
I had the car towed, and hoped that the radiator had caused the noise. Turns out the turbo was in fact compromised, and coolant had got into chambers of the turbo it was not welcome...
having said all this, I need to replace/rebuild the turbo. I already had a radiator installed, and am now trying to see what the best (most inexpensive) route is since the radiator was 600 friggin bucks. I am open to rebuilding, replacing, or even improving at a reasonable price point.

I appreciate you guys, any and all advice is welcomed, Merry christmas!
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