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TVS update

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Just wanted to update my TVS experience. I think I was the second install
of this kit, Phil being the first.

I'm real close to one year with EFI and 6 months with TVS. (edit, per bad memory)

Despite my best efforts everything works fine. I drilled some hole in my stock wiring harness, wired stuff up backwards, ran the car around the neighborhood with no serpentine engine belt installed, just to name a few.

I have about 10 track days and a couple thousand street miles, since the install. I would normally have more track days but the poor economy put a damper on that.

No issues with the blower or brackets. Nothing came loose or broke.
Still running the same belt, mount system is rock solid.

No overheating, no engine failure of any kind. I run 8000 redline with my weak stock valves.

Compression test was 160 across the board. ( 9:1 pistons ) , last weeks leak-down test was 9 percent.

The EFI box works perfect. It has never let me down / stop working.

I have been using Phil supplied maps all along. I haven't tuned anything.
It's been plug and play for me. I have a great idle and very good street drivability.

Just got back from a long drive. The car is crazy fast, I had the top down and it was a little scary with the wind effects.

Thanks to Phil and Kris for making this happen.
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Did you upgrade from a different kit or did you go straight to TVS?

Are you running stock clutch?

Glad to hear your happy.:shift:
Oh ya, I forgot about the clutch. I had to upgrade to an ACT HD something?

The stock clutch was borderline okay until I abused it at the drag strip.

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Did you run your car at the drag strip with the BlackWatch kit? What was your time? What was your time at the drag strip with the TVS setup?

I have the first BlackWatch kit also and have entertained upgrading.
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