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Two car shows in New Jersey that would like to invite Lotus

Hi all. Two friends happen to ask me in the same day to post here about car shows that they would like to have Lotus attend (especially those very lucky individuals with an Elise). So, here goes...

First show _________________________________________
The Delorean Mid-Atlantic club is proud once again to host the 5th annual Fall Tour.

This event is always a ton of fun for everyone who attends and this year we are looking to make it our largest event ever. We are also extending the invitation to our Friends in the Bricklin and Lotus community to come out and join in the fun!!!! (Please feel free to forward this on to anyone who owns these cars)

Our club website now contains most of the official details (still changing, so check often for updates)

For those of you who missed the past fall tours, you can see write-ups/pictures here:
2003 Tour
2002 Tour

Hope to see you all there!!!!!! :)

Second show________________________________________
6SpeedOnline European Car Meet – Saturday, August 14, 2004
Check for info here
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