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Two FTD's and 1st in PAX in a row

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Our Central PA region SCCA recently lost our airport location thus we had to move to small parking lot. The airport was nice, but it was a lot of straights thus the high HP cars would have an advantage. Well the small lot we have now is working well for my wife and I. I've got FTD, 1st in PAX and first in class the past two events and the balance of the car is perfect. I haven't even been in the cam since it is so slow and I'm running it in 2nd gear. I've thought about 1st gear, but felt it would be too close to the top the whole time.

I need to get down to the Washington DC events where there is some serious competition.

YouTube - Lotus Elise Autocross - Chris More - 05/24/2009

YouTube - Lotus Elise Autocross - Chris More - 04/26/2009

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You won't protested in Philly because of your mirror. Besides, the SS competition in philly is stronger than in DC. Come on down!
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