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1. Precision Motorsports Racing:

438 W Mill Rd
Long Valley, 07853

While owner has an Esprit, the shop does mostly Porsches.

Lee Weinstein used them. His and other reviews have been excellent.

We know P owners are, um, particular and that appeals to me.

Corner balancing, raising ride ht a bit, alignment and tightening/checking torque on all fasteners on 4 corners.
I drove home a mere 12 miles just now. Car is wonderful! No rattles or odd noises, rides better (shocks were not adjusted), tracks perfectly.

Elise feels as if it's new or maybe even better. This may well be the best the car has ever driven.

2. Chester Auto Repair

15 Seminary Ave, Chester, NJ 07930
*(908) 879-7148‬

Found them thru "Car Talk" website.

Have been great for me, particularly with A/C issues.

Recently added a 3rd mechanic (Wayne) who knows old, odd cars.

He found the refrigerant leak (trinity valve), removed the frt clam. Everything was quite fine and A/C blows very cold.
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