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Two thumbs up to Allen, Stephan and Lotus Beverly Hills :up: :up:

As some of you know, I have been having several problems with my Lotus since the purchase -- Check-Engine Light (over and over since new), funny rattling noises, wind-noise from the passenger side window, engine cutting off randomly with A/C on, engine stalling randomly... whew, I thought the car was a lemon! (most of these issues are documented in my blog) The car was at both Symbolic Motors and Newport European in the past, and they "could not replicate" the issues.

Well... Allen & Stephan (I should call them Dr. Allen and Dr. Stephan) took care of ALL the issues and now the car runs better than when it was new! I just drove the car the entire afternoon, and the car ran just PERFECT.

Thank you!!! :bow:
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