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hate speed limits
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Tried to register my car in TX the other day after returning from overseas assignment. Bastards want me to pay state taxes on it for the current market value of the car, unless I can find the original sales paperwork from 5+ years ago when I bought the car, registered, & paid South Dakota state taxes. The sales paperwork is long gone, but I had original export/import docs & customs stamp on my title from when I shipped the car to Germany under military orders.

I politely told the tax office that there must be a misunderstanding, but was quickly informed that this is the policy whenever registering any vehicle with out-of-state plates & had nothing to do with me living in Europe. I could get credit for the 3% SD tax I paid & just pay the remaining 4% (or whatever amount), but only if I could prove the purchase price & find a receipt for taxes paid.

Texas, you're a greedy b****. Called South Dakota & they sent me a new set of plates for $19.26. Just saved $1000-3000 on tax (depending on how TX would value the car) & I don't have to worry about that pesky front plate or silly state inspection. I'm a proud Texan, but seriously, F* Texas.
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