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UltraDiscs (from sector111) for sale

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I have a used pair (2)
of ultra discs (front rotors) purchased new from Sector 111 with a used aluminum hat and
used rotor. The rotors have plenty of thickness left
for second half of its life. I don't have access to the
rotors at the moment so don't ask for pictures. I
will post them if possible. The reason is the
car is at a shop far away from me.

They have the coveted GOLD hat, which is VERY cool.

Each rotor weights 2.5 lbs less than stock which
is significant especially coupled with lighter wheels.
It is a noticeable difference.

I am returning my Elise to stock so would like a trade
plus cash. I don't care if the stock rotors for trade are used so long
as they are not worn down too much.

They fit the front only.
Here's the link: ULTRAdiscs - Oro Special Limited Edition

Trade (2 front stock rotors) + $325 = total (2 rotors + cash)


Send a pm please. I don't check the post.