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Yes, I think so.

It has been discussed before and my perspective was this-

If you are a really serious racer, it might not be for you. Because you will replace the shocks anyway and probably get your own racing rims and rubber. So what did you buy?

If you don't track the car or autocross much, then this is probably not for you. Lower, stiffer ride, more oversteer.

If you don't have experience in handling midengined cars, this may not be the option for you, or I would recommend you get experience in a safe environment.

Everyone else... this is a good option. You get rims that you would have paid a lot for anyway. You get a car that is optimized right out of the box.

On the other hand, I can tell you that this car operates extremely well without LSS. I now understand better what Nick Adams was telling me that 95% of the drivers will not use the additional performance envelope that LSS provides. I agree with that.

I think unless your car on the line or completed, you can revise your order.
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