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Well completed the second upgrade on my list - I recently purchased my Exige, and the first thing was a new radio - although the Exige is really the first car I have owned that I like driving with the radio off, more then on.

The second upgrade was a new carbon fiber center console - overall the upgrade took a little less then 1.5 hours, and I could do it faster now that I have done it once.

I bought the center console from RLS - and I was very happy with it when it arrived. only hiccup on the install was I had to make the holes for the hazards and lock buttons a little bigger. A little work with a file - not too bad

For those that are considering doing this -

you remove the two screws ( one on each side)
then remove the set screws ( two) on the hand brake
then remove the aluminum hand brake handle - it slides off
then remove the set screw on the shifter knob, then unscrew the shifter knob
lift up on the console, then remove the upper end of the cable that runs to the reverse gear lock out
now remove the connectors from the hazards, and the door locks - these have tabs that you have to push down to release them

Now you can remove the console - the parking brake makes it a bit tough but you will eventually get it.

The leather shifter surround is held in with little push on clips - remove these and then transfer the shifter surround to the new console ( making sure it is in the same position - remember you need to reattach the reverse cable )

Reinstall the clips

reinstall the console in the reverse order as above.

Here is my completed console


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