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Upgraded top?

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Perhaps I missed the final verdict, but there had been talk of revising the top for better fit and ease of use. Has there been any revision? If not, I hope the hardtop is less prone to allowing her to become a fishbowl:p
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Hi, the seals were revised. The car at the LA Auto Show had a new seal that included a place where water that might invade the corner (where it attaches to the windscreen) would collect and then drain away.

If you are comparing it to the early tops that were much more difficult to get on, they had already made a major improvement.
The touring pack includes an insulated top as opposed to the standard top.

Thanks Randy. You must have spent at least 6 hours studying the showcar to note all of the details you keep coming up with (well worth the time!)
Actually, I think I spent less time with the cars than almost anyone from EliseTalk that I met. Many talked to spending 4 hours in the booth.

However, I did spend some quality time there during Preview night.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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