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US Lotus Elise Specifications!

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2005 Lotus Elise Specifications
Okay, these are not the official specifications, but I believe they should be very close to what we’re getting. I came up with the specs below based on pretty reliable sources, my own calculations/predictions, and what we already know about the Elise.
Please feel free to discuss these specs. I will update them when necessary.

Powerplant: 194 HP Toyota I-4 engine
Weight: <1800 lbs
0-60mph: 4.6 seconds (+/- 0.1 seconds)
Top Speed: 145mph
Fuel Consumption: City: 25 mpg; Hwy: 43 mpg; Average: 34 mpg (US)

Wheels: Light weight, polished 8-spoke alloy wheels
Tires: Front: 175/55/16, Rear: 225/45/17
Exhaust Tail Pipe Finish: Round, stainless steel
Black brake calipers with cross-drilled disc brakes
Laminated windshield with graduated tint
Optional hardtop

Interior Trim: Alcantara/Leather
AC: standard, with delete option
Stereo: Single CD head unit with 4-speakers
Inflatable lumbar support

Body Options: Nobody knows!
Colors that would probably make it: Ardent Red, Silver, Starlight Black, Cobalt Blue and Laser Blue.
And hopefully Chrome Orange(Exige/Esprit), and the pearlescent Lightning Yellow.

Softtop Options: Black/Red/Blue/Green

Alcantara Trim Options: Black/Silver/Red/Blue

Leather Trim Options: Black/Silver/Red/Blue/Tan/Beige

Carpet Options: Black/Red/Blue/Beige
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It's funny how official that looks for being a reiteration of the rumor mill. ;)

Let's hope you're right on all accounts aside from the engine. I want a Honda K20, gol dernit.

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It's pretty much accepted in the UK that the Toyota powered elises will be around at the end of 2003.

If you want a Honda engine you'll have to speak to Prototype Racing and get them to fix you up with one :)

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It's funny. I spoke with Lotus' head of engineering (forget his name) when he was here for the LA Auto Show a year and change back. I was asking him about the motor and he had quite a bit of disdain for Hondas.

Interestingly, what I consider good about it, he considered bad. I like that the valves have screw type adjusters and not solid shims. I like being able to tune the valve timing just that last little bit. I like being able to advance the distributor, rather than having a fixed crank angle sensor and no timing adjustment. I like tuning race cars...who wants something that doesn't need the occasional bit of love?

Anyway, I digress...
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