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I'm posting this for a friend who is starting a motorsports club at USC:

Hey guys I'm looking to start up a car club at USC. I'm looking for anyone to help me run the club during the school year.
The club is going to focus around any auto motorsport and is open to domestics and imports. It doesn't matter what type of car you have.

In fact, even if you or your friends don't have a car at SC, if you are a car enthusiast, you should still join since there will be some events not involving cars.

Similar to other clubs, while the title is Motorsports, there will be events which aren't always centered around the title of the club.

If we get enough members, the club should be able to provide discounts from vendors and motorsport events.

Preferably I'd like someone that knows alot about the domestic and european market to help me (I have an Evo so I have no knowledge of the local vendors available for both), but help from anyone would be great.

I have talked to the UCLA car club president and I'm sure we could provide joint events in the future.

I will explain alot more in detail of what I have planned. The deadline for the club to be recognized is October 1st - idealy I'd like to have the club recognized way before this since the school year has already started.

If you have seen this thread on other forums please don't label it spamming. I am just trying to find USC students that are car enthusiasts.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me through email or AIM (I might miss your reply to this thread or PM!). Also, please forward this to other friends attending USC that would be interested. Thanks!

Dennis Wu
[email protected]
AIM: d3wu
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Off Topic: Dennis, try and Audizine. Lots of 'SC students there.

Fight on!

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