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G Force Pro Force One helmet used for about 2 seasons.

Its SA 2005 rated, size small. I just replaced this helmet with a bell dominator, size 7 1/2 for refernece on the g force size, vs other brands(strange because i needed a large bell helmet size to replace the small gforce one???).:shrug:

I just upgraded to a bell dominator for my open wheeler, as it has areo dynamics for buffeting, and figure i will use the same helmet in my porsche 944, or just get another bell top of the line vortex for the sedan.
the gforce helmet has hans clips installed. I can remove them and put in plugs(from the dominator i just purchased) if they fit, or sell the helmet with the HANS clips for an extra $55(the cost for me to buy new clips).

I have a clear shield, and a dark smoked shield for the helmet.
this is a great helmet if you are just getting into HPDE and want to see if you like it w/o spending alot of $ first.

There is nothing wrong with this helmet.
After wearing the top of the line Bell helmet, I just dont see myself ever using anything but the top of the line bell helmet for anything I am racing.

$125 for everything, add $55 for the hans clips if you want them. price doesnt include shipping.
PM me if you want it.
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