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I’m hoping that some fellow Lotus owners in counties surrounding the Washington, DC area might be willing to help me identify some of the best driving routes and specific roads around us. I’ve been working hard to master Google Maps so that I can plot all the best area roads on a digital map and share it with others. With the help of others on this board or in the local Porsche club, I have already mapped 3 great routes in the area. They are all available here on my Google maps page, and I will continue to update that page regularly as suggestions are sent to me.

When you open the maps on that page, you will notice that in addition to mapping the routes and specific turns, I have also used a special green highlighting tool to designate the truly great roads along these routes. These are the specific patches of road that have the most twisty bends that are a true delight to master in our cars. (I could drive Bellview Rd. and Lime Kiln Rd. all day long!)

Incidentally, I have the ability to allow others to collaborate with me on these Google Maps, so if you are a skilled G-mapper and can help me work on these maps, I’d be happy to give you permission to directly edit these maps with me. In the meantime, I will just make edits to my page as people suggest new routes or roads and post occasional notifications here when I have done so.

Finally, for those of you outside of the DC area who might be reading this and have already created similar maps for other areas of the countries, please share your links with us. I would like to see how you have mapped them and if there is anything we can learn from you. Or, I’d just love to know the great roads of your area should I ever get my Lotus out there!
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