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I need you guys help!
Im a Lotus newbie in Korea.
As you may know well, lotus is very very uncommon car in Korea.
So there are any useful information and adviser.
So I write down my curiosity here.
Im very very pleased if you guys give me an advice.

1. Wheel hub spacer
What kind of hub spacer do i have to buy?
I need both front and rear spacers, as far as possible without going out of the body.
If you leave a link to the site I can purchase, or let me know the specifications, I'll look for it.

2. Brake disc(pad also) and Spark plug
I am gonna replace Brake disc, pad and Spark plug. Genuine parts are not easy to find here Korea and also expensive compare to OEM parts. Pleas let me know the specs and link.

+ I tried a hard drive today, and I felt that it was understeer. I'd like to make a downforce at the front of the car, so I'd appreciate it if you could recommend a reasonably priced front lip.

+ and I hope to make a little bit negative camber angle. Do i need camber kit for change? If so, which one?

Thank you very much for your kindness in advance!



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