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I've had this happen before also, and I've always been able to correct it without much work. I'd do exactly as DailyDriver suggests and get the spark plugs out so you aren't confused by compression. If you are only 1 tooth off, you won't have a collision because the valves will be late to open and close. If it was my car, and I was only 1/4 through the first turn, I wouldn't hesitate go backwards after getting more tension on the problematic belt. The further you go forward, the more chance you have at getting "lost". Two teeth off starts to get risky, though you do get a little "give" in the hydraulic tappets to warn you ahead of any damage if you go very slowly.

But this is not something you want to risk, so you have to stop and re-think if you feel any binding. You don't want to put a big ass breaker bar on the crank and use any muscle, or you are going to have to tear down the whole engine to fix it. If you can rotate it around the two revolutions without a collision, you will be able to loosen the belt tension and use a wrench to gently rotate the cams until you get full engagement of the set or tolerance pins. Then start over again and make sure your belt tension is high enough. They should feel taught on all of the runs before you start rotating the engine. --This is also maddening on the Esprit because it is possible to have way too much tension on one portion of the belt run, and almost nothing on the opposite side because the act of moving the tensioner really only tensions 1 area until you rotate the engine a couple of times afterward. The belt can also ride high on the gear teeth, not be straight on the cams, or any number of other things to drive you to the edge of reason.

If the worst should happen, and you lose track of the position of everything, you are better off to just remove the cams entirely. Then you can get the pulleys off out of the car, replace the lip seals, and start the procedure in the book to reindex. You can't easily get the pulleys off with the cams in the car anyway since you have to get a wrench on the cams to get enough torque on the pulley bolts to safely remove them.

I think you will not have to worry about any of this. In 1/4 turn, I highly doubt you jumped more than 1 tooth. I would go put more tension on that belt, turn the engine slightly backwards to set position, ask the Lotus engineers for forgiveness for doing that, then turn the cams forward gently with a wrench until your pins will fully seat. Then sigh, relax, and start all over again.

One other thing to add to this long post: ALWAYS rotate the engine by hand afterward, several times, to be sure of your belt tension and cam timing. On a typical belt change, I probably rotate the engine 15-20 times by hand before I'm satisfied with consistent tensioner readings. If you've done this, you can be confident when you start the car, and you'll know not to panic when the engine clatters for 20 minutes while the tappets pump up.
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