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It had the factory wheels included in the sale, as well. The listing mentioned there being mileage discrepancies in the Carfax, but it wasn't in the gallery. It sure didn't seem to bother anyone.

A very encouraging result.
The mileage IMHO was typos at the DMV or where ever that is recorded - the condition of the car looked great and matched the odometer expectation. But was surprised that the Carfax showed so many instances of wrong mileage. Makes me wonder why the data was so mangled.

That price for a 93.5 (fairly rare) was quite healthy - not a surprise as the condition was great.

Guess that means my bucket list item of buying an X180R street car is going to become even more difficult.
I don't need another Esprit; cripes, I don't 'need' the 87 I already have.

But I certainly do WANT...
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