For sale is a Mastertech scan tool for use in diagnosing engine and ABS brakes in Lotus Esprit V8 cars. Scan tool, cables and cartridges have all been tested for functionality. Price includes shipping within the USA (only). A carrying case is available at additional cost plus actual shipping, message me with a destination zip code for details.

The scan tool is a genuine Vetronix Mastertech with factory cables in good condition as shown, with some markings, scratches etc. as would be expected with a used item. The Mastertech scan tool was the replacement for the Tech-1 originally specified by Lotus Cars for use in the above applications, and is fully backwards compatible.

The diagnostic cartridges included with the kit are as follows:

T000T1307F – Esprit V8 ECM & 415 ABS Brakes

Includes Engine Management (ECU) diagnostics for Lotus Esprit V8 cars, as well as ABS Brakes diagnostics for Lotus Esprit V8 cars equipped with the EBC 415 ABS system (1996-1997 model years). Note: Even though the cartridge and menus only reference 1996, Lotus used the same engine diagnostics for all V8 model years. May not be fully functional with 2003-2004 cars. 1998 and later cars use a different cartridge for EBC 430 ABS brakes, below.

T000T1403S – Esprit V8 EBC-430 ABS Brakes
Includes ABS Brakes diagnostics for all Lotus Esprit V8 cars equipped with the EBC 430 ABS system, from 1998-2004.

A Dual-SIR (airbag) diagnostic cartridge and adapter cable are also available at additional cost.