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Q - 1. Does VF send instructions as to what to take off to send in? Some kit upgraders may have lost original install instructions and don't know exactly how many parts to move or switch and the sequences involved.

A- Actually, we don't have uninstallation instructions. Generally you have to remove the complete supercharger kit. From the intake manfiold all the way down to the the Alternator in the case of a BWR Kit.

Q - 2. Kit price---$3400.00 + shipping to VF and back to purchaser?.

A- The Kit Price will be $3400 + shipping to and from our facility.

Q - 3.Unbolt the Supercharger from the manifold and send that in with the ECU?

A - I prefer to receive the Supercharger in one complete piece & I will giving you directions on sending the ecu to charlie which will be returned next day air and we will pay for the the return shipping of the ecu. We will separate the casting at our facility. The way it works is that we are giving a $500 credit for the BWR or Katana Castings. If you want to keep them for whatever reason the price of the kit will go up by $500. So In your case if you want to keep your BWR Castings the price would be $3900 + Shipping. To get the best pricing I recommend send the complete sc with the casting attached.

Q - 4. We keep the 440 injectors, the BWR manifold or the Sector manifold, alternator brace (BWR), the belt, and miscellaneous bolts, etc. Correct?

A - Yes, you keep your 440cc Injectors. (They are actually 420cc's) but anyway yes. The Castings you can keep or send to us that is a personal decision. The braces, bolts, etc… I will not need to convert your kit.

Q - 5. Do we tack our return shipping at the same cost as shipping to VF, even though the weights might be different? Round trip, so to speak.

A - The return shipping will likely be more expensive as it will more than likely be more than one box and a bit heavier on the return leg.

Q - 6. Do the RC 550's accept the Bosch connectors that came with the BWR kit? If not is an adapter harness to work with Bosch injectors included? Or, is that another spice job, and if so is the needed wire included with instructions? Don't know whether Sector would require a change as I believe they used RC's.

A - The RC injectors accept the Bosch connections so that will not be a problem at all. No splicing will need to be done.

Q - 7. Once VF receives the Supercharger and ECU, what kind of turnaround is projected?

A - Right now, I am at the mercy of our supplier but I think I have found a new rep who is defintely much more caring about our urgency. After next week week we are looking at a 3 day turn around period.

Q - 8. Is it possible to show a picture of the kit that will be sent? Sort of like what BWR and Sector did on their sites?

A - For all intents and purposes you are getting a complete VF Kit. I will pull together a photo at some point to give you an illustration of what is involved. It's going to be a while since I will be traveling for a few days.

Q - 9. And the 3" pulley that comes with the Stage ll---is that 8.7 lbs of boost and not 10lbs of boost?

A - On our temporary boost gauge I am seeing an indicated 9.5 psi. I say temp because our dyno gauge has failed on us recently and is on back order from Dynapack.
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