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Vodafone LotusTalk Taxi Grand Prix fantasy league

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I created a LotusTalk league on the Vodafone web site for the Taxi Grand Prix. Use the LotusTalk league ID: 0k6tsoQsn8 for your entry.

Vodafone Taxi Grand Prix

League created, invite racers!
Your unique league ID is 0k6tsoQsn8.
Enter the team name or email address of the person you'd like to join your league and we'll email them instructions for how to do it. Don't worry if they're not racing yet, they can still create a team and join your league.
Grand prize is a trip to a F1 race. Our Taxi Grand Prix season champion will be going to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, as part of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team. This incredible prize includes three night’s accommodation at a luxury Hilton hotel, access to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes garage and pit lane throughout the weekend, the chance to participate in pitstop practice, meet Lewis and Heikki and join the team for an exclusive post race party.
Runner up prizes include team gear.
Here are the rules Rules for Vodafone Taxi Grand Prix, race rules

I am not affiliated in anyway with this promotion just sounded like fun for a F1 fan(nut) and a cool way to watch some technology in action.

Best all, Dana
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