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Short story: one tire deflated (due to valve stem failure, nothing wrong with tire), resulted in 2 spokes of that wheel cracked. Seeing if there's a market for what I've got, if not I guess I'll have some expensive garage art until the right opportunity comes along :)

Offering includes:

(2) 15x7 +27 Bronze CE28N in good condition
(1) 16x8 +35 Bronze CE28N in good condition
(4) Metal hubcentric rings from Rays
(4) 9mm metal hubcentric adapters
(4) Toyo RA1 tire with 4 track days on them, 50% remaining

I'm willing to break up the set. Entertaining interesting offers...

- if there's at least two people who want individual wheels, I would consider breaking up the wheels
- if someone wants the tire set
- sell me your partial set of CE28N in any finish (As long as at least one 16x8JJ +35)

Not quite sure how to price this, so everything is best offer, please PM me.

Edit: Tire deflated because of a problem with valve stem, thus 4 tires listed above hold air just fine. Can provide more explanation to interested parties.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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