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Volk wheel valve stem issue led to cracked spokes

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I'm looking for a single 16x8JJ Bronze CE28N wheel (I had one, and its got two cracked spokes)

Has anyone ever had to remedy something like this? I expected to have to wait awhile... Sent a few emails out and haven't gotten much response yet, except for a single 'we can't order these anymore'. All my emails have gone to local authorized distributors, am I going about this the wrong way?
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Well i think i've got my answer. And to those that wonder how this may have happened:

Volk wheels come with metal valve stem caps that have a little o-ring inside
Somehow the little o-ring on one of mine got dislodged and pressed against the air-release in the valve stem
This deflated the tire such that i was essentially riding around on the rim

Glad the rim stayed together and that I noticed it before anything worse happened!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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