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Paul Newman built one.. then he built one for Letterman and it's so awesome he STILL has it! Even Jerry Seinfeld thought it was cool and had Letterman on his show so he could drive it. Now, sadly, I'm ready to sell mine. I've owned the car for two years and about 50k mikes; it's been a blast. Times change, and I'm looking for a larger vehicle now.

The Volvo has 198k miles and the motor is around 150k, with the top-end rebuilt about 20k ago. Overall the Volvo is in great shape. Exterior has some scratches and dents that you'd expect from a 14 year old car. Interior has some nicks and dents as well, but nothing major. The roof clear coat is pretty hazy and could use a good buffing. The 5.0 is a 1991 302 EFI that was swapped in by the previous owner. It's using the Converse Engineering swap kit that was built specifically for this car and this motor. The engine runs excellent and has really been taken care of. The kit is well known in the Volvo community, and has been trusted for years. This is a great car; lots of fun and constantly gets compliments, plus you can haul the whole family and groceries in comfort!

The top end was rebuilt in Oct, 2012. The main reason was to upgrade the cam, heads, and intake manifold to get a little more power and to give the car that muscle sound. There was nothing wrong with the engine prior to the rebuild. Here's what was done;

GT40P heads
GT40P upper/lower intake manifold
70mm MAF and throttle body
ARP Head bolts
Intake/head gaskets
Ford Racing E303 cam
New valve springs
New valve seals
New timing set
New thermostat
New pushrods
Cleaned valves
Stage 8 locking header bolts

I also recently swapped the transmission out for a Ford T5 Borg-warner World Class 5spd. It used to have the Ford AODE 4-speed automatic that started slipping gears. Work that was done;

Ford T5 Borg-warner World Class from a 89' Mustang
New Ford racing Flywheel
New pressure plate bolts
New CNC Hydraulic slave cylinder
New Wilwood master cylinder
Timken pilot bearing
Stainless braided clutch lines
Throwout bearing
Used OEM Ford clutch - looked to have about 50% life on it

I've also done some maintenance in that time as well;

Bosch oxygen sensors - 9/18/12
Power Steering Pump - 10/8/12
MSD cap/rotor - 12/3/12
Serpentine belt - 7/8/13
Duralast battery 1/26/14
Last oil change - 6/21/14
Autometer coolant temp gauge - 9/10/14
WIX fuel filter - 9/14
Coolant flush - 9/25/14
Spark plugs - 10/13/14
MSD wires - 10/13/14

I'm sure there's a ton I forgot; I have a whole folder of receipts that go with the car for nearly every part I bought. You also get; 2 Volvo steelies w/ studded tires, all the Converse Engineering info I have, and all extra parts and pieces I have for the car.

Now the bad: When I bought the T5 I was told it had been recently rebuilt, but in fact it NEEDED to be rebuilt. All the gears shifted fine on the bench and everything seemed in order. Once I got the trans in and running - second gear synchro feels like it's gone. You can't get into second without grinding while moving. If you are at a stop you can sometimes slide it into 2nd without grinding - I've done this and driven the car; the gear itself feels fine and drives fine. The transmission will need to be removed and taken to a shop to be rebuilt. I'm working on getting quotes for the fix right now, but from what I've read it should be $300-500 if you take the trans out and bring it to a shop. All the other gears feel fine and shift fine. I've been daily driving it and just skipping 2nd since I put the trans in and have had no issues.

Car is in Edmonds, WA and for local sale only. I'm asking $7,000 cash OBO, and will consider pretty much any trade except - boats, atvs, motorcycles, guns - just cars/trucks/vans please. I am specifically looking for a reliable truck or VW Westfalia. Shoot me an email with what you have - the worst I can say is no thanks.
Thanks for looking!
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