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Just curious guys, but knowing that the VXR is turbocharged, I was wondering where the intercooler is in the car? Does anyone know if it is air to water, or air to air? Also, It seems like that engine would make the most sense for an engine swap. IT offeres the most torque, and a lot of hp. I can't remember if it was a Duratec or Ecotec block, either way it was 2.0 liters and still had room for the turbocharger. Does anyone know of people swapping these engines in their cars? Everyone knows the potential of a turbocharged engine is much higher than a NA engine, and the tuning options would allow for an easy 300+hp.

I was just wondering since it has been pretty well set that three will be nothing or almost nothing available for the 2zz-ge, and in 5 years time, I was wondering what engine would be practical in the Elise.

BTW, I guess it is official that ther are no tuners working on FI besides BLITZ (i.e. a $7,000 supercharger system - YEAH RIGHT!) and a few others? I honestly don't understand why a company can't develop a supercharging system that incorporates a viarable boost map so that you aren't pushing a lot of air into the engine at 8,500 RPM, and do it for $3,000 dollars. I know that the returnles fuel system in the 2zz-ge is a problem, as well as the tight pachaging in the Elise. But after months of things being in development, to my knowledge, nothing has been developed despite the fact that the 111R has been out for almost a year in many parts of the world. Maybe one day.....:rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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