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Warranty Coverage Question

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So, the other day, the battery died in my 2012 Evora S. I had AAA come out to jump start it. They tried, and were able to get power to the car, but the engine wouldn't turn.

My car is still under warranty, so I called the dealership and had the car towed in. I just received an email describing the problem (engine ECU and battery needs to be replaced, with possible additional work necessary). The email also said that the work (around $2,600) wouldn't be covered under the warranty because of the attempted AAA jump-start. :facepalm Does this make sense to anyone? By any ability of me to tell, this was simply a dead battery. Not sure what else was I supposed to do?

Any thoughts would be appreciated....
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Evora is one of 'those cars' that the best way to jump start is to remove battery, charge it back up, and then replace battery. Car electronics are not protected well against jump starts.


You should file a claim with AAA, maybe they might cover it?

P.S. This is prompting me to get a LI battery instead.
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