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Although I don't have any personal experience with it, I have heard more than a few horror stories about "aftermarket" warranties. I think there might be some on this forum, too. Basically, the stories are that the claims are denied due to some exception in the coverage, and since the company is not associated with the manufacturer (and often times the affiliation with the dealership is limited to selling the plan) they are not much help.

Since you're buying new, you'll get the manufacturer's warranty, which would cover catastrophic issues that you didn't cause, right?

A warranty on tires seems like a joke on this car unless it covers tread wear.

Rim dings and tire pressure sensors problems aren't that common and for the $2k you spend on the warranty, you could pay to fix a few of those issues and still be ahead.

As for a warranty on dents and dings, what's the coverage on your standard policy? I suppose if you have a big deductible and want to avoid making claims on your policy, a thousand bucks for 5 years of paint fixes seems pretty reasonable.

I have starshield on the front and it does keep the paint looking pretty nice. I agree with the general, go ahead and get as much as you can.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the new ride!
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